How To Become A Successful Cryptocurrency Investor

The hottest thing right now in the financial news is Cryptocurrency. Millions of dollars are being investing in cryptocurrencies and it is not hard to see why. Cryptocurrencies have been steadily gaining value for the past few years; what is more, it is far easier, safer and more affordable to invest in Bitcoin. Ethereum and other, similar currencies than it is to invest in mutual funds. Cryptocurrencies also offer you privacy that cannot be obtained when making other investments.

Additionally, you don’t need to be an investment wizard to get started. The following points can help you to see if you have what it takes to be a successful Cryptocurrency investor.

Getting to Know the Market

It is a good idea to get to know the market before investing in cryptocurrencies. You will want to decide what type of investments to make, how much money to put on the cryptocurrency market and at what point you want to sell. Following the market and keeping up with the latest cryptocurrency news can help you make wise decisions.

At present, you can either invest in the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency market or purchase one or more types of cryptocurrency outright. Following is an overview of what these options entail.

Investing in Blockchain Technology

Investing in blockchain technology can be less risky than purchasing a single cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology will automatically grow with the cryptocurrency market even if one or two particular currencies don’t make it in the future.

Professional help in this field can help you make wise investment choices and provide you with access to investment opportunities that are simply unavailable elsewhere. Blockchain Capital ran by Crypto Entrepreneur, Brock Pierce, is the leading venture capital firm investing in the technology behind various cryptocurrencies and the firm’s portfolio includes leading Blockchain companies such as Bitgo, Blockcypher, Ethcore, Gocoin and Kraken. Blockchain Capital encourages investors to diversify company investments by picking anywhere from five to ten cryptocurrency companies to invest in.

Investing in Actual Coins

blockchain technology

Alternatively, you may want to consider investing in one or more actual cryptocurrencies. Well known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin can be purchased from exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini. You simply need to provide some personal information to verify your account and then decide how to purchase the coins you want.

Those who want to invest in lesser-known cryptocurrencies can do so on Poloniex and Livecoin. However, these websites don’t accept traditional currencies. You will need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum coins first and then use these to trade for other up and coming cryptocurrencies.

Once again, it is wise to choose more than one investment option. A diversified investment will reduce risk and has the potential to yield good results. Cryptocurrencies that were of little value in the past are currently gaining value at an astounding rate so don’t overlook seemingly small investments.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Only you can decide if you have what it takes to be a successful cryptocurrency investor. There are risks involved as the market is relatively new and some currencies are volatile; even so, the potential rewards can be well worth the bumpy ride. What is more, these investments are not necessarily riskier than many traditional paper investments. Those who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and/or blockchain technology simply need to get acquainted with the market, choose their investment options with care and then get started.

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(English) Blockchain and Bitcoin applied to the Land Administration

At a technologies information Congress, I was approached by a magazine’s publisher. He consulted me on this type of technology implementation in the land registry, cadastre and property management areas in general. The conversation was more than interesting, although I was a little surprised about his questions, considering that a couple of months ago, his magazine had made the publication about a tropical american country which was implementing it. I assumed that it was only a press release, where in which they had missed the opportunity to ask for more details from the original source.

The truth is that viral ability that #blockchain and #bitcoin acronyms have is little less than surprising, not only because they have great promoters in different social strata, but because it is also irreversible to decouple these technologies philosophy in the transactions near future between third parties. In this article, I summarize the main aspects of a heated night with pleasant company between amaretos while we were at a live music restaurant navigating along a river.

What Blockchain is

Blockchain is a technology for data storage in a securitized cloud. Chains and nodes store associated operations with the initially created object, almost impossible to violate.

This technology application in the land administration field, allows the transactional process encryption through concatenated blocks in a cloud. In a Property and Notaries record case, the chain not only constitutes the successive tract but the operation sensitive details on the property (appraisal, improvements, sales, mortgages, surveys, assessments, geo-referenced, etc.) in a encrypted storage cloud.

What Bitcoin is

Bitcoin is a technology for managing electronic money between third parties. Technology convert money values from the formal market in cryptographic money which can be used for purchases between third parties with rates less than the formal marketplace. The Coin units are a type of electronic exchange that uses BlockChain chains for the veracity guarantee.

This technology application in land administration, involves the conversion of a property title to Coin units, in order to turn it into a value title. Under these conditions, once registered the title, is encrypted through BlockChain and then converted into a value title using Bitcoin, it can be transferred between third parties without so many middlemen.

Spatial smoke or reality?

In this issue there are many confusions, because they have sold more edges than gradual processes that could become in a time gap that not only depends on technological aspects but rather on policies and legal norms. So, after the second Amareto, the first step was to open our minds and imagine what would happen if we think of today from now to 25 years, while girls who accompanied us just halfway arrived through their first Margarita and came back viewing us with an interest face for not showing their total clichés ignorance of what we, obsessive geosmokers, are used to.

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Bitcoin For Dummies

bit coin for dummiesThere has been a lot of exposure in the last few years talking about Bitcoin and “crypto-currency”.  There is a ton of misinformation and confusion about it so I decided to create a blog series looking at the history and future of currency and blockchain.

What is currency?

According to Merriam-Webster currency is something (such as coins, treasury notes, and banknotes) that is in circulation as a medium of exchange.  If you go back in history many different things from salt, beads, animals and silver spoons have been used as currency.

There have been local and national currencies.  In ancient times currency was generally pressed coins made out of gold, silver, or other metals.  The currency was not backed by any sort of banking system like we know to exist today.

So the idea of currency as we know it today has changed over time and will most likely continue to change and evolve into the future. Continue reading “Bitcoin For Dummies”